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Aiguille du Midi map

plan Aiguille du Midi

Welcome to Aiguille du Midi : Sunday 20 April 2014 : The Aiguille du Midi cable car is open. The summit ridge and the Z are equipped with rope. Timetable from March 24th, 2014, to April 27th, 2014, included : First departure at 8:10am, then every 15 or 30 minutes, depending of visits. Last return trip at 4pm, last single trip at 4:30pm, last return from the top at 5pm. Beware: First departure today at 9:30am. For the 21st April, 26th and 27th April, 2014 departure at 7:30am. Top lift for the access to the summit terrace, and the Step into the void, are open.Timetable of "Pas dans le vide" : Last return trip from Chamonix at 3pm, last departure from bottom of lift at 3:30pm. Opening of Panoramique Mont-Blanc gondola on Saturday 14th of June, 2014. Dogs are not allowed. Have a nice day.

Avalanche risk :
Limité 2/5 Avalanche

Aiguille du Midi - 3842m
Temperature : -7 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 405 cm
Fresh snow : 50 cm
Snow quality : Soufflée
Last snowfall : 20/04/2014

Chamonix - 1042m
Temperature : 17 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 0 cm
Fresh snow : 0 cm
Snow quality : --
Last snowfall : 24/03/2014

ouvertChamonix - Plan AiguilleFirst departure at 9:30am boarding number
ouvertPlan Aiguille - Aiguille du Midi
ferméePanoramic Mont-BlancClosed for the winter
ouvertArête sommitale équipéeThe central edge + Z are equipped with rope
ouvertPas dans le Vide

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