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Check out the major events taking place over the coming months :

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Rock, pop, electro, jazz music… Where can you take a drink and listening music ?

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Daily, a varied high-quality programme, national releases, films in their original language, etc.

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Calendar of events

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By location : Chamonix - Argentière - Les Houches - Servoz - Vallée de Chamonix
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Regular market
from Tuesday 01 July 2014 to Sunday 31 August 2014
Discover all our local products, directly from the producer to the consumer... A real delight !!!
Donald, Snipe, Tartarin ... in the Mont Blanc, books yesterday for children
Children • Exhibition
from Wednesday 02 July 2014 to Sunday 21 September 2014
Do you know that lot of heroes of the youth literature of the XIXth and XXth centuries frequented the Mont Blanc country ?
News - Energy
Friday 04 July 2014
Independent and free advice by appointment Water, Eco-consumer, Home ......
Welcome drink
Welcome drink
from Saturday 05 July 2014 to Saturday 23 August 2014
The tourist office propose a presentation a the week : events, infos.... around a drinking.
Blood donation
Tuesday 08 July 2014
A generous action !
Chamonix Adventure Festival
Wednesday 09 July 2014
Chamonix Adventure Festival brings adventurers, explorers and athletes came to share their stories of their exploits and adventures on the big screen and at live trade, for our greatest pleasure.
National Day - 14th of July
popular dance • Fireworks • Children • Show
Monday 14 July 2014
A special evening to celebrate as it should be the national holiday! With the famous fireworks show on the theme of Pandora.
Baroque Festival - Talk before concert
Concert • Show
Wednesday 16 July 2014
Conference about the concert of the day with musicians and artistic festival director.
Concert • Show
Wednesday 16 July 2014
"The Harmonic Chapel" Direction: Valentin Tournet, Couperin: Les Nations, François Couperin 2 violins, viola da gamba, harpsichord
Festival • Children
from Thursday 17 July 2014 to Friday 18 July 2014
Festival during 2 days : outdoor cinema, children's show, concerts... For all people, everything gratis!!!
Evening traditional music
Thursday 17 July 2014
Evening "Instruments and traditional music of the Alps" hosted by Jean-Marc Jacquier.
Baroque Festival - Talk before concert
Concert • Show
Friday 18 July 2014
Conference about the concert of the day with musicians and artistic festival director.
Concert • Show
Friday 18 July 2014
"Les Paladins" Direction: Jérôme Correas, Four Seasons Marc Antoine Charpentier Motets for 2 sopranos - Pieces de viole, Isabelle Poulenard, Salomé Haller, soprano, bass viol, harpsichord.
Buto dance workshop
from Monday 21 July 2014 to Friday 25 July 2014
The buto is a dance born in Japan in the 1960s and is soaked with Buddhism and with shintô faiths. This training course also includes a mountain exit with to discover the natural environment of the Valley.
Children • Competitive sport
Wednesday 23 July 2014
Mini-raid team, multi-activity for 8/12 years. Program: mountain biking, rafting, Biathlon, Adventure Kid ... Lake Chavants.
Physics school's conference
Wednesday 23 July 2014
"The alpine plants and their adaptations to life in extreme environments. "By Serge Aubert, professor at the University Joseph Fourier, director of the Botanical Garden Alpine du Lautaret.
Concert saxo and piano
Concert • Show
Thursday 24 July 2014
Classicla music show : Bach, Vivaldi, Gounod, Mozart, Bizet.
Outdoor cinema
Movie screening
Thursday 24 July 2014
Night Session, outdoors, Lake Chavants (Repli Espace Olca case of rain). "" The Gilded Cage "Ruben Alves, Joaquim De Almeida, Rita Blanco, Chantal Lauby-Duration: 1:30 min - France.
Friday 25 July 2014
Concert with Bernadette Burgos and Frederic Grange. Program: Bach, Vivaldi, Gounod, Mozart, Bizet

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