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3925 - vignette temps fortsHighlights
Check out the major events taking place over the coming months :

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Live music, sport activities, special evening...some ideas to spend a nice evening !!

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Daily, a varied high-quality programme, national releases, films in their original language, etc.

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Calendar of events

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By location : Chamonix - Argentière - Les Houches - Servoz - Vallée de Chamonix
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Welcome drink
Welcome drink
from Saturday 07 February 2015 to Saturday 07 March 2015
The Servoz tourist Office propose a presentation of the week : events, infos.... around a drinking.
Animation Enfant
Guided tour • Children
from Saturday 07 February 2015 to Saturday 07 March 2015
Animation Child "Discovering pastures"
from Saturday 07 February 2015 to Saturday 07 March 2015
Exhibition "Agriculture Mountain, the heart of the territory." Exhibition "Up There". Photographic exhibition of Peter Witt.
Jeu de piste
Children • Treasure hunt
from Tuesday 10 February 2015 to Tuesday 03 March 2015
"The Great Vigil" Browse village Servoz index subscript to solve the mysterious enigma lurking around the big evening. Inscriptions at the Tourist Office directly before departure, the morning before 12 hours and afternoon from 2.30pm.
Ski joëring
Children • Introductory/discovery
from Wednesday 11 February 2015 to Wednesday 04 March 2015
Ski Joering discovery and initiation. Skis are supplied, come with your shoes. Hot wine, hot chocolate and animations.
Albums à reconsrtuire
from Tuesday 03 March 2015 to Tuesday 07 April 2015
How to invite the child to discover albums? For the game! "Albums to rebuild" is the text capture the richness and diversity of images in albums.
Manufacture of Reblochon
• Children • Guided tour
Thursday 05 March 2015
Manufacture of Reblochon. Workshop demonstration on the making of the famous raw milk cheese. Sale of farm reblochons.
School Auditions for Music and Dance Intermunicipal
Concert • Show
Tuesday 17 March 2015
Hearing students music classes.

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