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Chamonix Yoga Festival

Iniciación / descubrimiento

We will welcome numerous local and international professors of Yoga like Simon Park Yoga, various musicians of whom the wonderful Anne Malone.

You will have the possibility of following Ayurvedic Workshop, of strolling in the "Zen Market" which will suggest you numerous products and taking advantage of our "organic café" which will make for you savor any sorts of drinks and snack full of flavors from here and there...
On Saturdays evenings Cecile Roubaud will come to lead a Yoga extatique dance, a unique experience!! followed by an internal journey guided by Anne Malone and others.....
More informationStyles de yoga
Location Le Majestic Allée du majestic , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Rates Rates soon


Further information : Yoga all ways
Tel : +33(0)6 60 82 86 59

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