El sitio oficial del valle de Chamonix - Jueves 2 Julio - 05:38
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Outdoor cinema

Evening session, outdoors, Lake Chavants (Repli Space Olca in case of rain). "I'm dead." 1:44 time.
Snack and refreshments on site.

At 40, John, actor, is in the trough of the wave ... He runs the stamp without success. The Pole Emploi Spectacle, her counselor offers him a rather unusual job: taking the place of death to allow justice to reconstruct crime scenes.
His obsession with detail bluffing investigators and will allow John to return to the front of the scene in a delicate matter in Megeve, off season, following a series of murders ...

Location Lac des Chavants , Les Houches
Rates Free of charge


Further information : Office de Tourisme Les Houches & Servoz
Tel : +33(0)4 50 55 50 62

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