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Outdoor cinema

Night Session, outdoors, Lake Chavants (Repli Espace Olca case of rain).
"" The Gilded Cage "Ruben Alves, Joaquim De Almeida, Rita Blanco, Chantal Lauby-Duration: 1:30 min - France.

In the beautiful areas of Paris, Maria and José Ribeiro lived for almost thirty years on the ground floor of a Haussmann style building, in their dear little box. This pair of Portuguese immigrants unanimous in the neighborhood: Maria, excellent concierge, and José, Chief outstanding site, have become essential over the daily lives of all those around time. So popular and so well integrated that the day when we offer them their dream return to Portugal in the best conditions, nobody wants to let the Ribeiro, so dedicated and so discreet. How far will be able to go their families, neighbors, and their bosses to keep them? And after all, Maria and Jose do they really want to leave France and to abandon their precious golden cage?

Location Lac des Chavants , Les Houches
Rates Free of charge


Further information : Office de Tourisme Les Houches & Servoz
Tel : +33(0)4 50 55 50 62

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