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Physics school's conference


"The alpine plants and their adaptations to life in extreme environments. "By Serge Aubert, professor at the University Joseph Fourier, director of the Botanical Garden Alpine du Lautaret.

This public lecture will highlight some of the main adaptations of plants, organisms attached to life in cold environments, windy, often nutrient poor and unstable. Several scales will be addressed: morphology and growth type (individual ports pillow for example), physiology (avoidance or tolerance to cold and frost, optimizing the use of soil nutrients systems), genetic (convergent forms of life in several groups of plants). An opportunity to discover many plants growing in the Alps, the Andes, New Zealand and tropical mountains (East Africa, Northern Andes).

Location Espace animation Place de la Mairie , Les Houches
Rates Free of charge.


Further information : Office de Tourisme Les Houches & Servoz
Tel : +33(0)4 50 55 50 62

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