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Exposition : Photographies et sculptures


This summer, the Carrier–Maillet family, 5* Hameau Albert 1er Hotel in Chamonix Mont Blanc, proposes the discovery of 2 artists for one exhibition.

Béatrix Walter, photographer:
Mountain guide and ski instructor, Beatrix has always practiced amateur photography to gradually allow herself a more subtle approach to water, snow and ice especially. Her scenic shots do not require much preparation nor
complicated scenes, but simply the desire at a particular given moment to connect to a place, to let the landscape do the talking.
Having spent years discovering the mountains in all seasons, and her childhood years on a small Scandinavian island, between ice shelves, white deserts dotted with islands, and the Northern legends of supernatural creatures, Beatrix has developed a special relationship with nature and its hidden language.

Annie-Laurence Malleron, sculptress:
Fish, bears, penguins, elephants…like you would expect to find in a dream.
‘Thanks to my creativity, I pay tribute to fantasy and the imagination, I let my hands sensually caress the earth and I draw from my imagination a representation of the world, whose features take a singular form’.
Each clay-based sculpture spends 15 hours in the kiln with temperatures reaching 1000 degrees, thus becoming rock hard. I then cover it with a Raku glaze before putting it back in the kiln, this time at 900 degrees. When the
incandescent sculpture is removed from the kiln, the glaze has been cracked with thermal shock. It is then smoked in oak sawdust which fills in the cracks to complete the decoration. It is finally brushed down, cleaned and patina is applied.My specific research is to combine the coil making, ancestral African technique and the sophistication of a work of art.

Location Hôtel le Hameau Albert 1er 38 route du Bouchet B.P. 55, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


Further information : Hôtel le Hameau Albert 1er
Tel : +33(0)4 50 53 05 09

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