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Tale's festival

Children • Festival

13th edition of the Festival of the tale. A day of storytelling, ballad, told appetizer, evening told.
Animation offered in partnership with libraries Houches and Servoz

Library Houches
10h30 - Lectures on the theme of Asia: a kamishibaï "The dream of Maheshi", storytelling and a carpet-tells "The three grains of rice."
Stories full of wisdom and colors for travel on another continent. All age groups from 5 years.

Lac des Chavants (animation space fallback in case of rain)
21h - Zian high mountain vigil Alps "At the border of the world of men" sequence emotions.
Its name comes from his great-grandfather Zian, a native of Pale an old building just opposite to the magnificent Needles of Arves these three rock peaks that dominate the Alps between Vanoise and Ecrins.
After listening to all these stories, sometimes dozens of times, in turn tells Zian familiar with his ease, his voice is just and full of complicity, it transmits like so many other generations have done before him.
Simply wearing a Galure decorated with an eagle feather, Zian itself seems straight out of a fairy tale. This pen has a story, it goes back to a meeting with a golden eagle, there are some years. While she had separated grabber who started in the air just above him, before she had time to touch the ground, he grabbed the flight in adorned his hat ...
Words are for him a starting constantly renewed to the mountains he loves, his words background unborn another world, the magic of the story takes place, Zian is a passionate and we follow it to the end of his talent .
It is said that by peddling more than 140 stories and legends over hill and dale, after sharing hundreds of vigils is a genuine storyteller. He lives up there in Albiez in this village nestled at the foot of these mountains, beautiful and mysterious, the Aiguilles d'Arves ...

LocationLes Houches
Rates Free of charge.


Further information : Office de Tourisme Les Houches & Servoz
Tel : +33(0)4 50 55 50 62

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