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Grand Parcours Alpinisme


An opportunity to learn, to perfect the techniques of mountaineering. Participants are changing on a course to progressively which they find workshops, difficulties. Beginners are accompanied by mountaineering initiators.

3 levels with 3 different programs will be available on 20 and 21 June:
-Parcours Discovery (having a first experience of mountaineering, learn to walk with crampons, tying in, make progress on a more vertical terrain, leave the marked trails, ...)
-Parcours Initiation: (For those who already have a little experience (3-5 level mountaineering races F or PD or have a minimum 5 escalation level) and want to make an application mountaineering race, Specific learn basic mountaineering techniques: framing, belaying, progression techniques, ...
-Parcours Autonomy: For those who already have experience (some races PD to AD level) and feel comfortable on the more or less vertical supports, who want to treat themselves to a proper implementation race adapt the choice of the technique used to configuration encountered, learn more complex technical progress, self-rescue, rescue, ...
Special Evening with buffet Majestic Saturday, June 20 from 18h

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Further information : Club Alpin Français
Tel : +33(0)4 50 53 16 03

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