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The traces of salt

Competición deportiva

On the day after the Transhumance, the Alpine pastures will be supplied with salt by volunteers, thereby avoiding helicopter transport.

The Traces of salt, a concept initiated in 2010 by the Society for Alpine Economy, are in no way a competition but an eco-challenge!

This event is for walkers attached to the cause of pastoralism. The Traces of salt consist in reprovisioning in salt at the start of the season the alpine pasture of La Pendant. Several hundreds of kilos of salt destined for the flock of 1,200 goats and ewes, will be carried by all the volunteers.

The Traces thus have as their aim to tighten links between town and mountain, between sportsmen and alpine pasture shepherds to better share a common passion for high places.

Registration compulsory.
More informationPlaquette de présensation
Location Départ de la gare de Lognan , Argentière
Rates Free of charge


Tel : +33(0)6 71 22 85 64

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