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Les promenades photo de Teresa

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Whether you come with a reflex camera or just a smartphone, Teresa leads her small groups of seasoned travelers through a series of unique itineraries designed to meet and photograph the traditional way of life in the Chamonix valley:

Take part in the expo 2016
This charming village, so unique will be a work in progress for the 2016 exhibition on the theme of the four seasons of campsites. Each participant could expose an image captured at a Photo Walk in the year 2015- 2016. Maximum 5 people per trip. Several tours offered throughout the year to discover its villages, its people, its nature, its neighbors Switzerland ... All that makes the originality of campsites.

Rates Duration : 3h - 3h30, visite: 28 € per person.


Further information : Teresa Kaufman - Les promenades photo de Teresa
Tel : +33(0)6 08 95 89 42

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