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"Chamonix and the English in 1865" as part of the anniversary of the golden age of mountaineering

In 1865, Chamonix enters a new world tourism. This trip takes us to the Chamonix the mid 19th century. How was Chamonix in those years, what his appearance? What were the Preferred Hotel of the English, or so the hotel was in London or England? Why an Anglican chapel outside the center? What was the relationship of
Chamonix with these visitors as Whymper, Ruskin, Wills and many others ... who were these guides that will mark the golden age of mountaineering? Michel Croz, Michel Payot, Auguste Balmat, Chamonix François Devouassoux ... How we lived in those ancient times? A journey of discovery or Chamonix was still a small village at the foot of Mont Blanc but inevitably already attracted the spirits adventurous.

Location Rendez-vous devant l’église de Chamonix , Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Rates Adult: 12 €.


Further information : Office de Tourisme de Chamonix
Tel : +33(0)6 07 21 51 90

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