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Competitive sport

Rendez-vous in Chamonix Mont Blanc for a weekend entirely dedicated to running.

- 80km du Mont-Blanc, starting from 4:00 am
Trail in semi autonomy open for the "Espoir" category and upward. Vertical +/-6000m. 700 participants.
- Mont Blanc Vertical KM, 400 places, starting from 4:00pm in the center of Chamonix.
Race organized as a against the clock. Distance of 3.5 km accompanied by a positive elevation of 1000m. Open from the Junior class.

- Mont Blanc Cross, 1500 places, starting at 8:30am on the landing paragliders.
SHORT TRAIL COURT in semi autonomy. Distance of 23 km with an elevation gain of 1454 meters and a vertical drop of 474 meters. Open from the Junior class.

- Mont Blanc 10km, 800 places, starting at 9:00am on the landing paragliders.
Nature race. Distance of 10 km on the route from the ski base, accessible to all riders regardless of their level. Open from the Cadet category.

- Mont Blanc Mini Cross, from 800m to 3km starting from 11:00am on the landing paragliders.
Course of 800 m to 3 km for children (categories of schools athletics minimal) set in the Bois du Bouchet.

- Mont Blanc Marathon, 2000 places, starting at 7:00am in the center of Chamonix.
TRAIL in semi autonomy. Distance of 42.195 km coupled with an elevation gain of 2511m, a 1490m vertical drop of. Open to Hope from the category.



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