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Photographs by Pascal Tournaire


A photographer of the extreme, Pascal Tournaire is showing his photographs in the Espace Tairraz centre, in an exhibition that marks the official launch of the Mountaineering Interpretation Centre.

Photographs of mountaineering:
In the right place at the right time, led only by light… Not a conquest, a summit or a cross, but an instant, a vision. In theory, it is good, but reality is often more trivial! Beautiful light always precedes darkness and its constraints. Mountains are beautiful, but their beauty has been seen and shown for ages. I prefer to express the feelings felt by mountaineers: cold, fatigue, fear, and also commitment, friendship, the feeling of freedom. The lines that mountaineers draw or follow on mountainsides are invisible to others...

Partly dancers, partly sculptors, mountaineers express themselves. Theirs is a furtive, ephemeral art. I take pleasure in following them (they often drag me along!). I try to record their goals, their drawings, their destinies. Intense moments, as light as happiness, and sometimes also a little heavy…

Journalist, graphic artist and photographer since 1979, Pascal Tournaire was also artistic director of “Montagne” magazine, then of “Alpinisme & Randonnée” for 18 years. Specialising in photography in extreme conditions, his photographs are regularly published in the French and foreign press. His curiosity has led him to take photographs from the world’s highest summits (on the Seven Summit Challenge) to the most arid desert (on an expedition with Théodore Monod in the Libyan desert). The rigour and sensibility of his photographic approach also enable him to bring out the best in the architecture of Jean-Michel Wilmotte and the Mediterranean gardens of the landscape designer Jean Mus.

Location Espace Tairraz Esplanade St Michel 615 allée du Recteur Payot, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Rates Adult : from 4,50 to 6 €, child : free of charge


Tel : +33(0)4 50 55 53 93

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