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Grands Montets map

plan Grands Montets

Welcome to the Grands Montets area : Wednesday 23 April 2014 : The ski area is open. Lifts are open except Retour Pendant chairlift, closed for the day. Snowshoe trail Lognan - Plan Joran : open. Timetable from February 8th, 2014, to May 4th, 2014, included : First departure to Lognan at 8:30am. Last return trip to Lognan at 4:15pm, to Grands Montets at 4pm. Last one way to Lognan at 4:45pm, to Grands Montets top at 4pm. Last return from Lognan at 5:15pm, from Grands Montets at 4:40pm. Please : control your speed ! Closing date of ski area on May 4th, 2014, in the evening. For other period, please consult our website. Have a nice day.

Avalanche risk :
Limité 2/5 Avalanche

Lognan - 1972m
Temperature : 0 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 65 cm
Fresh snow : 0 cm
Snow quality : Neige de printemps
Last snowfall : 20/04/2014

Bochard - 2765m
Temperature : 1 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 195 cm
Fresh snow : 0 cm
Snow quality : Neige de printemps
Last snowfall : 20/04/2014

Grands Montets - 3275m
Temperature : -4 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 205 cm
Fresh snow : 0 cm
Snow quality : Douce
Last snowfall : 20/04/2014

ouvertLognanSnowshoe trail Lognan - Plan Joran : open
ouvertGrands MontetsHard snow at the top !
ouvertPlan Joran
ouvertPlan Roujon
ferméeRetour Pendant
ferméeGrand ChosaletClosed for the season
ferméePetit ChosaletClosed for the season
Pierre à RicClosed for the season
Point de Vue50% - bumpy. very hard snow in the morning
PylônesBumpy - low part closed, from the top of Herse
CombesBad snow conditions
Variante HôtelClosed for the season
ArollesClosed for the season
RemuazClosed for the season
ChosaletsClosed for the season
Liaison plan Joran100%
Espace nouvelles glissesClosed for the season
Baby aux ChosaletsClosed for the season
Foret aux ChosaletsClosed for the season

Last update : 23/04/2014 à : 14:23

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