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Plan Les Houches


Welcome on Les Houches area : Monday 21 April 2014 : Ski area is open every day until 2pm, only. Timetable from February 8, 2014, to April 21, 2014, included : First departure at 8:45am. Beware : Lifts will be closing at 2pm. From April 14th, 2014 : The Bellevue cable-car and Prarion gondola are open in the afternoon only for pedestrians going down. For Bellevue cable-car : frequency according of numbers of visitors. Prarion gondola: departure every hour : 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. Closing date of ski area on April, 21st, 2014, in the evening. Please : Control your speed ! For other period, thank you to consult our website. Information Phone number : 04 50 54 42 65 (Prarion) and 04 50 54 70 93 (Bellevue). Have a nice day.

Avalanche risk :
Limité 2/5 Avalanche

Les Houches - 1010m
Temperature : 7 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 0 cm
Fresh snow : 0 cm
Snow quality : --
Last snowfall : 24/03/2014

Le Prarion - 1853m
Temperature : 3 °C
Wind : 0 km/h - -- Météo
Snowdepth : 30 cm
Fresh snow : 0 cm
Snow quality : Neige de printemps
Last snowfall : 23/03/2014

ferméeCoupe du MondeClosed for the season
ferméeMaison NeuveClosed for the season
ouvertKandaharClosed at 2pm
ouvertGrands boisClosed at 2pm
ouvertMont-BlancClosed at 2pm
ouvertSchuss des damesClosed at 2pm
ferméeVoza-PrarionClosed for the season
ferméeEcoleMagic carpet: OPEN snowshoe trail : Closed
ouvertLes ChamoisClosed at 2pm
ferméePlancertsClosed for the season
ouvertLa ChaClosed at 2pm- Roap lift : open
ferméeLe CrozatClosed for the season
ferméeCol de Voza
ferméeTable OrientationClosed for the season
Stade FisClosed for the season
Piste de FondClosed for the season
PlancertsClosed for the season
Plan du CrêtClosed for the season
AbbayeClosed for the season
FontaineClosed for the season
Col de Voza
Mur des Epines supérieur100%
Mur des Epines intermédiaireClosed for the season
Mur des Epines retour TéléphériqueClosed for the season
Jorland retour TéléphériqueClosed for the season
Grand Bois100%
Stade Grand Bois
Shuss des Dames
Mont Blanc100%
Les Aillouds retour TélécabineClosed for the season
Les Aillouds supérieur col de Voza100%
Les Aillouds intermédiaire La carbotteClosed for the season
Stade Chamois100%
Kandahar supérieure la cassure100%
MaisonneuveClosed for the season
La Cha100%
Kandahar intermédiaireClosed for the season
Kandhar inférieur Shuss BattendierClosed for the season
Table OrientationClosed for the season

Last update : 21/04/2014 à : 08:20

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