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Farmers market
Regelmäßiger Markt
von Wednesday 15 October 2014 bis Wednesday 14 October 2015
Program Loaf Chibon course, but also cheese from cow, goat, local vegetables and fruits of the country soon ... The variety of products offered will vary with the seasons depending on the availability of producers.
Playing Kamishibaï
Kinder • Veranstaltung
Wednesday 27 May 2015
Three kamishibai for toddlers. from 18 months
Portes ouvertes de l'EMDI
Tag der offenen Tür
Saturday 30 May 2015
Discovery of instruments, ensembles. Mini-concerts
Les assocs en fête
Lokale Feste • Tag der offenen Tür • Einführung/Kennenlernen
Saturday 30 May 2015
A day dedicated to associations, meet them home at the Espace Olca to Epsace Animation or Chavants. Visit the village square for informations.Allez to discover associations in the form of a treasure hunt.
equestrian rally
Einführung/Kennenlernen • • Kinder • Zusammentreffen
Sunday 31 May 2015
Horse rally, riders and equestrian professionals. Educational farm, horse show and concert at Les Houches. Restore refreshments on site all day.
Mother's day
• Gedenkfeier
Sunday 31 May 2015
Concert proposé par L’Echo des Glaciers (Harmonie Municipale des Houches) Allocution du Maire et mise à l’honneur des talents des Houches
Cinéma avec Cinébus Le Grand Soir
Wednesday 03 June 2015
"Tehran Taxi" of Jafar Panahi, with Jafar Panahi. Drama-Comedy - Duration 1:22.
Saturday 06 June 2015
Zumba Master class avec 8 professeurs et un buffet sportif !
Raconte tapis
Kinder • Veranstaltung
Wednesday 10 June 2015
Tell carpet "The pond confessions". All age groups from 3 years
Sale of compost
Wednesday 10 June 2015
Sale of composters on the village square organized by the SITOM.
Friday 12 June 2015
Projection "Queens of the 3 countries" After 3 years of filming around Mont Blanc, Raphael WHITE presents a preview of his latest film about the battles of the Queens. Duration 52 minutes.
Saturday 13 June 2015
End of year show of the Association AltiMove
Cinéma avec Cinébus Le Grand Soir
Sunday 14 June 2015
"Peter Rahbi on behalf of the land." Marie-Dominique Dhelsing with Pierre Rahbi. France 2013. Duration 1:38. Documentary.
Cinéma avec Cinébus Le Grand Soir
Wednesday 17 June 2015
"A pigeon perched on a branch philosophized about the existence" of Roy Andersson. Comedy - 1:40 duration
Cinéma Enfant avec Cinébus Le Grand Soir
Kinder •
Wednesday 17 June 2015
"The new hero" Don Hall and Chris Williams. Animated Film, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Family. From 3 years - Duration 1:42.
Annual Gala Dance School of Music and Dance inter
Tanz • Veranstaltung
Friday 26 June 2015
Gala Ballet season.
Annual Gala Dance School of Music and Dance inter
Tanz • Veranstaltung
Saturday 27 June 2015
Gala Street Dance season classes Charlotte Millery and Laurence Bouhiere
Annual Gala Dance School of Music and Dance inter
Tanz • Veranstaltung
Sunday 28 June 2015
Gala Street Dance season classes Charlotte Millery and Laurence Bouhiere
Annual Gala Dance School of Music and Dance inter
Tanz • Veranstaltung
Sunday 28 June 2015
Gala Dance season awakenings classes (4/10 years) Laurence Bouhiere
Exposition Itinério
von Wednesday 01 July 2015 bis Monday 31 August 2015
Application Route, downloadable smartphone or tablet to discover interactively the Chamonix valley through geo-guided tours.
von Wednesday 01 July 2015 bis Saturday 30 April 2016
"Zechariah Ducroz, 1865 child" The Chamonix valley celebrates 150 years of the Golden Age of mountaineering. The opportunity to discover, through exhibitions in different cultural places of the country, several aspects of the valley in 1865.
Cinéma avec Cinébus Le Grand Soir
Wednesday 01 July 2015
"A beautiful end" of Uberto Pasolini. Comedy, drama. duration 1:27
Welcome drink
von Saturday 04 July 2015 bis Saturday 22 August 2015
The tourist office propose a presentation a the week : events, infos.... around a drinking.
Hramonies et Fanfares
Sunday 05 July 2015
L’harmonie municipale des Houches rencontre d’autres harmonies et batteries fanfares.

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