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With animals

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An unusual way of hiking

Dog hiking “Cani-rando” in French

Exploring nature with a dog as your most faithful friend. Dog hiking consists in letting yourself be pulled by a Nordic dog, guiding it by your voice and precise gestures. This activity is proposed by Huskydalen.

Horse riding in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley

Trekking on horseback (half-day, full day or several days)  for novice or confident riders.

During the winter season


If you dream of the trapper’s life, take a taster or a beginner’s lesson in dog-sledding. 
You will appreciate the quiet, the crunching of snow under the runners, and the panting of the dogs that will mark the rhythm of your day and make you forget the stress of daily life.

Ski Joëring

If you both like skiing and horses, why don't you discover Ski Joëring, a green way to enjoy the nature!
Drawn by good-natural horses, this original form of back-country sking is respectfull of the environment and tremendous fun !
Activity adapted to both adults and children (from 7 years old), provided they can use a drag lift.
We also propose winter pony trekkings, in the snow, on the forest roads.

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In Chamonix valley. This is an ideal activity especially for children… because of the relationship with the animal which represents a real motivation for walking.
Chiens de traineau -conduite d'attelage

In Chamonix valley.Looking for beautiful nature, active holidays and a new way of enjoying an effort with an animal in Chamonix valley ?
Activité Cani rando

In Chamonix valley, discover nature and the great outdoors - where the dog really is man’s best friend!
Les Houches
Ski joëring

Discover skijoering, another ancestral snow sport, in total harmony with nature.
Les Houches
Centre équestre du Mont-Blanc

Discover the Chamonix valley by horse... Different possibilities : one or two hours, or during full day !
Les Houches
La Compagnie des ânes
55 chemin du vieux four
74310 Les Houches
Tel : +33(0)4 50 47 26 18

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