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Exposition INSPIRE ! Tristan Vyskoc

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16 paintings, each 2 metres high, form an immense 32-metre long work of art offering a 360° vision of Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)

"I could have painted a panorama, but that's not really what I wanted to do. I want you to be drawn into the work, that you immerse yourself in it - let this blue fill you, intoxicate you, lose yourself in it.
It's not a panorama at all, it's a mind map. Pervading images from a journey that led me close to the red line.
16 views projected into consciousness, often emerging from the deepest of the deep. An unconscious landscape, drawn with relentless passion, spanning a race, a day, a life.
The placid morning... The sun at its zenith - blinding, dazzling, scorching... The overcast sky, threatening, foreshadowing darker hours. Then a sea-coloured sky that washes over us and engulfs us.
A soothing blue without a single speck of white, reflecting my struggle with my own Horla, who knows me more and more, and who has understood my resilience.
Aborigines paint roads to find their way in their dreams; I like to feel this same trance fill me and transform my painting. It connects me to nature, to the heavens.
The Earth melts ... The mountains will be our last sanctuaries, our safe havens. Isolated islands, where life will still be possible. The idea of mapping and leaving an imprint, a memory of these magical places, is an idea I hold dear.
Face to face with these mountains, you are no longer sure of anything. With a wall before your eyes, you only see the marks on it. Approach the painting and you won't see anything. Only rock. Take a step back and you'll see clearly.
Go to the mountains, and you will see that something is changing. The stigma of global warming and pollution is visible.
Is this one of the works of Humankind? Are we maybe too presumptuous to think that we could have such an effect on nature? A nature stronger than ours. Terrestrial forces, uncontrollable changes may be at work. This shift may be unavoidable and our activity may be contributing to its acceleration.
Let's ask ourselves the question every day of what we can do to slow it down. This is not a plea against Humankind, but a plea for the Earth.
MB 360° Project
These 16 paintings will be climbed in 2019 at the top of different mountains around the world to spread this message on climate and the environment. These are photographs of 16 oil paintings (200 x 200 cm).

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Exposition INSPIRE ! Tristan VyskocPlace de l'Aiguille du Midi
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